Women’s Role In Parenting

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Women’s Role In Parenting


A mother can greatly influence child’s growth and development. She has an extremely important role to play when it comes to boosting child’s development. Parents’ life change when their child arrives. A mother has to look after each need of her child and take care of everything related to her. Although, all mothers are aware of their duties, it can become easier for mothers if they understand their roles and responsibilities thoroughly.Becoming a mother changes entire life and lifestyle as well. Right from the time you become pregnant you have to undergo different types of challenges and surprises. Knowingly or unknowingly you constantly do a lot of things for your child


Important Roles and Responsibilities of Mothers

  1. Strongest Emotional Bond with the Child: A mother is the first one to know and connect with her child. Even after birth mother is the first care-giver to her children. The way they interact with child during the early months and years leave a deep impact on child. It will get reflected in the social and emotional setting of child in later years
  2. Giving Proper Environment for Right Development: Mothers are responsible for the environment that a child gets from the very beginning. Giving apt space for movement, creativity and play offers right environment for child development.
  3. Child’s Behavioral Development: A mother knows her child more than anyone else. Therefore, child’s behavioral development is closely observed her. Observing child and listening to her voice gives mother an impression of what is going on inside her.
  4. Instil Trust and Security : Mothers can teach children how to trust and be trustworthy. Once this is understood by child, she will be confident and emotionally secure. Be around your children when they need you and help them become better. Your unconditional love and support will help them improve their selves.
  5. Family Bonding : A mother helps her child learn about the importance of family as she is the back bone of the family and holds everyone together. Have family meals together and encourage your child to spend time with family members.
  6. Be kind, Loving and Caring : If you are kind, loving and caring to your child in daily activities, it will automatically teach her to be the same kind of person when she grows. Your behaviour towards your child has a lasting impact on her development not only when she is a child, but after she grows up as well.
  7. Be Thoughtful and Sensitive : When you understand and respond properly the way your child is thinking, your child will grow up to be a sensitive person. She will be able to understand other person’s perspective also. This will be very helpful in maintaining relationships.
  8. Positive Attitude : Since a mother is soft and handles things in a positive way, it teaches the child that no matter whether life is tough, it can be handled in a better way. You can discuss the problems with your children and explain how you are going to tackle it.
  9. Role of Routine and Discipline in Life : Since a mother helps a child maintain a regular set of pattern in early days, it conveys a message that things can be managed easily and comfortably by following a routine.
  10. Hard Work: A child learns to work hard from her mother. On the other hand your child might see that at the end of the day you get tired but if you explain the pleasure and satisfaction that you get from working hard, the right message will be delivered.



A mother supports and helps her child in improving herself throughout her life. Role of a mother greatly influences child’s overall development and well-being.



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