Terms and Conditions

Table of Contents

  1. Personal Information and Data Protection

    • We undertake to collect, hold and use all data provided by the Customer in accordance with obligations under the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation in each country.
    • Personal data is obtained, held and processed for the purposes of processing payments, processing Orders at all stages and communications that are opted into.
    • We operate a privacy policy which is available on our website and a copy can be provided on request.
  2. General

    • Our hours of opening are 9am – 9pm Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm Saturday and 10am – 6pm Sunday. We are not open on Non-Working Days. eLegal Online may also from time to time declare normally Working Days as Non-Working Days by placing a notice on the service website. Any service or support offered on a Non-Working Day is entirely at our discretion.
    • Due to the popularity of eLegal Online’s services, telephone and email support requests cannot always be dealt with immediately, but we pledge to make all reasonable endeavors to respond to the Customer’s requests expeditiously and to deal with urgent requests promptly.
    • The Customer undertakes that any decision to rely on the research provided through eLegal Online to an extent that any delay in delivery may cause the Customer’s deadlines to be missed is done so at their own risk, and that the Agency, its employees and experts shall not be liable for any aforesaid lateness in delivery, except for that provided for in these terms.
    • The Customer agrees that all views expressed by eLegal Online, its employees and experts about the use of its service are given as opinions only and do not constitute advice. Equally, the Customer accepts that all statements and views expressed by eLegal Online marketing agents and affiliates are not endorsed by eLegal Online and may not accurately reflect the policies and regulations of eLegal Online.
    • For assignments, save Agreements drafted by us, the Customer undertakes to check their university guidelines and regulations before ordering and to fully satisfy themselves of their individual institute or universities rules, regulations and guidelines. The Customer acknowledges that any decision to use an expert’s research services is made on their own initiative and agrees that eLegal Online, its employees and experts are in no way to be held liable for any decision to use its services that may be in contrary or in breach of the Customer’s institution or university rules, regulations or guidelines. The Customer accepts that eLegal Online provides all services subject to availability and that the Work supplied is provided strictly as academic support and as such do not constitute professional advice.
    • The Customer agrees that, whilst every effort is made to ensure that all Work is completely accurately and fully custom written, inaccuracies may from time to time occur and that eLegal Online, its employees and experts will not be held responsible, bar free amendments as allowed by these terms and a discretionary discount, for such occurrences.
    • eLegal Online reserves the right to refuse any order and/or to refuse to enter into an agreement with any Customer and all terms in this agreement is subject to this reservation.
    • eLegal Online reserves the right, to refuse to continue with any order if it has reason to believe that the Customer intends to use the Work supplied in contravention of these terms or of eLegal Online’s Fair Use Policy.
    • Both parties agree that these terms and conditions are intended to be legally binding from the Commencement Date.
    • These terms represent the entire terms that exist between the eLegal Online and the Customer from the Commencement Date and supersede and replace any prior written or oral agreements, representations or understandings between them.
    • The parties, in entering into an agreement for the location of an expert to provide the services, confirm that they do not do so on the basis of any representation that is not expressly incorporated into these terms.
    • For the purposes of the Contracts, in line with (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999,UK, the Parties do not intend to, and do not, give any person who is not a party to the agreement between the parties any right to enforce any of its provisions.
    • The validity, construction and performance of any Agreement between the Parties shall be governed by English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts to which the Parties submit.
    • If any provision of the Agreement between the Customer and eLegal Online is prohibited by law or judged by a court to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, the provision shall, to the extent required, be severed from the agreement and rendered ineffective as far as possible without modifying the remaining provisions of the agreement, and shall not in any way affect any other circumstances of or the validity or enforcement of the agreement.
    • All calls are recorded for training and quality assurance purposes.
  3. Promotional Email Campaigns

    • eLegal Online also offers related products such as document conversion software, plagiarism software, past papers, grammar, marking and proofreading services.
    • In the Customer account interface, you have the option to consent to the eLegal Online contacting you by telephone, email, and SMS/MMS to let you know about any goods, services or promotions which may be of interest to you.
  4.  Forms, Agreements & Documents

    • We may make available through the Site or through other Web sites sample and actual forms, checklists, business documents and legal documents (hereinafter called, “Documents”). All Documents are provided on a non-exclusive license basis only for your personal one-time use for non-commercial purposes, without any right to re-license, sublicense, distribute, assign or transfer such license. Documents are provided for a charge and without any representations or warranties, express or implied, as to their suitability, legal effect, completeness, currentness, accuracy, and/or appropriateness. The Documents are provided “as is”, “as available”, and with “all faults”, and we and any provider of the Documents disclaim any warranties, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The Documents may be inappropriate for your particular circumstances. Furthermore, your state laws may require different or additional provisions to ensure the desired result. You should consult with legal counsel to determine the appropriate legal or business documents necessary for your particular transactions, as the Documents are only samples and may not be applicable to a particular situation. Some Documents are public domain forms or available from public records.