Knowledge And Awareness Amongst Girl

Knowledge And Awareness Amongst Girl


Today’s women are facing gender discrimination and atrocities like eve-teasing, molestation, rape, dowry, robbery, domestic violence etc., One big thing that women tend to lack is the basic skills that are needed to defend them in hostile or dangerous situations. Taking the effort and time out to learn these life saving skills can be one of the smartest things that someone does. Hence, it is proposed to educate girls and women through self-defenses training programmed to protect themselves from unsocial elements and provide awareness and advocacy to build confidence and self- sustainability. This blog aimed at educating girls and women through self-defenses training programmed, to protect/defend themselves from unsociable elements, besides providing them awareness and advocacy to build confidence and self-sustainability.

Some essential principles of prevention also includes;


 Make sure you’re aware of your environment as much as possible. Limit distractions when walking from place to place or other public settings. Don’t constantly stare down at your phone. Make sure you can hear around you. Have keys ready. Walk with a purpose.


 Make it a point to ask yourself why somebody makes you uncomfortable. Be verbal with them. No matter how much you want a friendship or relationship to work, if they can’t respect your boundaries, they’re somebody you shouldn’t have in your life.

The most substantial benefit of learning self-defenses for women may be the fact that you learn how to physically defend yourself. The ability to defend yourself is the most important thing in self-defenses. This why so many people initially learn self-defenses. For women this may be the most important benefit because this is what all the other benefits will stem from. Once you learn the techniques necessary to defend yourself you will see the other benefits. The primary goal of the majority of people who learn self-defenses is obviously to defend themselves, but what they overlook is what these newly obtained techniques will also give them, health, confidence, and security.

    Learning self-defenses is imperative for women, if they are out and about, men can try and take advantage of them. This is unfortunate, but it is true. How can they help themselves stop this, they need to learn self-defenses. It is amazing how much you can learn. If someone tries to grab a woman who is trained in self-defenses, tries to take advantage of her, or worse, tries to kidnap her, she will know the necessary techniques to save her life. Ultimately the biggest benefit of self-defenses for anyone is the fact that there is potentially lifesaving techniques involved in learning. You never know what can happen to you and all too often we say “that could never happen to me” but when it does, better to be prepared.


Self-defense will allow women to develop confidence, it will allow them to empower themselves, and it will allow them to find safety in difficult situations . It is imperative for women to do so

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