Awareness of Gender based violence among the Girl Child

Awareness of Gender based violence among the Girl Child

She Knows Her Rights: Raising Awareness of Gender-Based Violence Among Girls

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a global issue that disproportionately affects girls. Silence and lack of awareness often prevent them from seeking help. This article explores the importance of empowering girls with knowledge about GBV and the steps we can take to create a safer world for them.

Understanding Gender-Based Violence

GBV encompasses any act that inflicts physical, psychological, or sexual harm on a girl based on her gender. This includes:

  • Physical violence: Hitting, kicking, slapping, or any other form of physical assault.
  • Sexual violence: Rape, sexual assault, harassment, and exploitation.
  • Emotional/Psychological violence: Intimidation, humiliation, threats, and verbal abuse.
  • Neglect: Denial of basic needs like food, healthcare, and education.

Why Awareness Matters for Girls

Many girls don’t recognize GBV for what it is. They may believe certain behaviors are normal or their fault. Raising awareness empowers girls to:

  • Identify GBV: By understanding what constitutes GBV, girls can recognize when they are being mistreated.
  • Speak Out: Awareness empowers girls to seek help from trusted adults or authorities.
  • Build Confidence: Knowing their rights fosters self-esteem and resilience in girls.
  • Break the Cycle: Informed girls are less likely to tolerate violence in future relationships.

Strategies for Raising Awareness

There are several ways to create a culture of awareness and safety for girls:

  • Age-Appropriate Education: Integrate GBV discussions into school curriculums, starting at a young age. Use interactive methods, role-playing, and storytelling to make learning engaging.
  • Community Outreach Programs: Organize workshops and events that educate girls and their families about GBV. Involve community leaders and role models to amplify the message.
  • Peer Education: Train older girls to become peer educators who can share information and support younger girls in their communities.
  • Media and Technology: Utilize age-appropriate media campaigns and online resources to spread awareness and provide girls with support channels.

Creating a Supportive Environment

  • Open Communication: Encourage girls to express their feelings and concerns in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Believe Survivors: When a girl reports abuse, listen without judgment and offer support.
  • Access to Resources: Provide girls with information on helplines, counseling services, and legal aid.


Empowering girls with knowledge about GBV is the first step towards creating a world free from violence. By working together, we can ensure all girls feel safe, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.

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